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Who’s even more clueless about the social media revolution than advertising agencies and PR firms? Web developers and site designers who are still selling site designs within which people can react, instead of sites which can expand and grow as people interact. In the age of McLuhan, the mediium was the message. Today the message actually needs to become the medium. Toward that end, this is the first installment of the Design Train Manifesto.
In the age of the Cluetrain and Hughtrain mainfestos there can be no doubt that new conversations require new tools, and the vast majority of designers are lagging in the dark ages of Internet design, still designing websites that clients can’t update and expand themselves. This just doesn’t cut it anymore.
It’s high time for designers to get with the program, quite literally, so that they can bring their clients into the new world of self-publishing of websites, and create design that ebraces social media and the enormous amounts of content it entails.
So here’s the beginning of What’s Next Blog’s Design Manifesto, a work in progress.
1- the message is the medium
2- design for Web 2.0 isn’t about creating sites within which people can react. It is about design that changes as people to interact.
More to come….. Your input is most welcome, B.L. Ochman, What’s Next Blog

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