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Rumors about a G-phone, and other imminent signs that Google wants to take over the world, abound. One thing is certain, Google uses video masterfully to announce its services. The latest is GOOG-411, the company’s new, free, enhanced directory service. If your phone has web access, you can say “mapit” and get Google Maps directions. Take that Verizon et al for charging us piggy fee for your 411 services! (GOOG-411 is surely not ad-free for long, but enjoy it while it lasts.)

Here’s another great Google video, explaining Google Docs. What they do right:
o The videos look low-tech, so they’re not scary, even though the subjects are high-tech.
o The explanations are in simple, straightforward language.
o They have a sense of humor (thank you Google!!!)
o They OWN YouTube, so they always remember to post them there. :>)
via Guy Kawasaki
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