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onlineshopping.pngOver half of female Internet users in the United States ages 25 and up say the Internet is their main research source for checking out potential product purchases, according to the June issue of Burst Media’s “Online Insight report.
Not included in the list is the role of email, but radio is a distant last, even under printed brochures, something advertisers who want to reach women should note.
One out of two women have shopped online in the past six months. Shopping increases with household income and travel and adult clothing are the top products they buy. And women are addicted to online shopping: two-thirds (66.1%) say their lives would be disrupted if they did not have access to the Internet for one week
Over half (54.1%) of women shopped online in the past six months; this finding is consistent among all age and household size segments. The likelihood of having shopped online increases with household income.