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blogads_survey2.png.jpgBlogads second annual blog reader survey shows that the blog audience contains a very disproportionate number of opinion-driving influentials.
Respondents are older and richer than last year. Seventy-five are over 30, and 43 percent report incomes above $90K. One blog reader in five is a blogger.
Interestingly, one group of respondents read between one and six blogs a day, while another group reads 10 to 50. Only 12 percent said they often use RSS feeds, making RSS perhaps an over-hyped tool.
Almost no one — just 3 percent — in this group of early adopters listens to podcasts, which makes podcasting hype also seem overblown.
Last year’s survey got 17,159 responses, while this yeat 30,079 responded.
via MarketingVox