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you_will_fail.gifBBC News marvels at the impact bloggers had on reporting the news of the London attacks. (Left, a symbol from Dario Agosta’s Flickr site.)
“All of a sudden, the blog turned out to the ideal news resource. At their most mundane, weblogs record the minutiae of the author’s day; on Thursday, this trivia became the biggest story in the world.
Every feature of blogging found a new use. Comments sections became “Are You Alive?” sections. PayPal accounts became donations to buy beer for the emergency services.
And long before politicians had a chance to make a statement, Londoners’ own reactions were being quoted as the voice of Britain around the world.
As the media and emergency services tried to work out what was going on, many of the clues came from the bloggers.”
If there is anyone out there, besides Ketchum PR, who still believes blogs are not important, re-read the above.