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The New York Times notes that major advertisers are beginning to look at ways to incorporate RSS into their ad campaigns. This conversation began in online media in 2004.
The story has a great description of RSS: “R.S.S. is somewhat like TiVo for the Internet. By letting people have content pulled from Web sites and fed to their own computers automatically, they can then store it for later viewing.”
Toby Usnik, the New York Times Company’s director of public relations, says visitors to via R.S.S. feeds has soared from about 500,000 a month at the end of 2003, to 7.3 million last April.
Advertising agencies said R.S.S. feeds attract a younger, wealthier consumer on average and that they tend to respond to longer copy ads. Readers who subscribe to RSS feeds are very engaged consumers, and therefore more likely to buy products online and click on ads, according to Brad Adgate, research director for New York-based ad agency Horizon Media.
Or maybe they are more likely to ignore the ads because they have chosen RSS for their info instead of ad-laden websites. Most likely they will respond to high value advertising, including coupons or downloadable reports. It remains to be seen.
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