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widget.pngI’ve just created a Widgetbox Blidget of What’s Next Blog’s headlines. (See it about mid-way down the right column.) You can get a (gratis) copy of it here for your own blog or website. And you can make one for your own content in about 2 minutes, without any coding at all. (I had to have my favorite geek install it in my blog template because I lack the technical gene. But if you have any technical skill at all, you can install it yourself.)
Without getting technical on non-techie readers, a widget is basically an RSS feed in a frame. Widgetbox’s mission is “to give everyone the power to assemble, share and integrate everything that’s good on the web.”
Since Blidgets were introduced a couple of weeks ago, more than a thousand bloggers have turned their blogs into widgets. Thousands of people have subscribed to these blidgets, installing them on their own blogs and web pages and MySpace profiles. Take a look.