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Here’s the video of the Beyond Social Media Show’s 15-minute webinar on how to optimize your GooglePlus profile – and why you must.

Need help getting started on the powerful GooglePlus platform? I coach brands and agencies on how to use GooglePlus for maximum impact.

Call me at 917-566-5855 to discuss the services I can provide to help you make the most of GooglePlus. I can show you how it’s done or I can do it for you.

It’s the first in a series that’ll help you get up to speed on the platform I believe to be the biggest change in online communications since websites.

Why GooglePlus?
Because by incorporating Google+ into its algorithm, Google has totally changed the process of search optimization. As Google CEO Larry Page noted in a recent meeting, “Ignore Google Plus and Google search will ignore you.” And, in addition, GooglePlus is seamlessly integrated into everything else Google: email, YouTube, mobile, analytics, Google Drive, and much more.

Early adopters will have the advantage as GooglePlus grows beyond its current 500 million members.

Here’s how to get started so you can look around and kick the tires. The next webinar is coming up soon.