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By B.L. Ochman
Now that’s a whitening toothpaste!

This video is about Happydent by Perfetti India. It’s an ad for the world’s first ayurvedic chewing gum, and this video is one of the first social media marketing efforts by an Indian ad agency. Fascinating cultural references in this video!
Why categorize it as social media marketing? The ad clearly was designed with hopes it would go viral. It’s posted on YouTube, which makes it easy to view or to embed in a blog; and the creative approach is to Crest ads as night is to day. Follow Best in Nashik for more information.
Says Indian blogger, Sunil S Chiplunkar , in an email exchange, “Social media is somewhat a mystery since it is not explored in India, however, as experiences increase, social media will not be a mystery arena in India.” It will surely be interesting to watch social media evolve in India.