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In my unscientific experiment tracking how long it takes the New York Times to cover major news about the blogosphere, there is a big story on the cover of today’s business section about Arianna Huffington’s new Huffington Post celebrity blog – a mere 18 days after the story hit the blogosphere.
The earliest blog posts I find about it is April 3 on the left-wing Mossback Culture, April 4 on the Right Wing Death Beast and April 4th on Uncorrelated.
Huffington has lined up more than 250 of what she calls “the most creative minds in the country” to write a group blog that will cover topics from politics and entertainment to sports and religion. Launching May 9, it will be part of a Web site that will also serve up breaking news around the clock.
The Times story notes that the Huffington Post will generate revenue by selling advertising. It is initially financed by Kenneth B. Lerer, a former EVP of AOL Time Warner, Ms Huffington and 10 others identified as friends and family.
The Times reports that “A fact-checked, edited version of The Post will be syndicated by Tribune Media Services to newspapers and their websites. That’s because the Tribune is worried about “the unfiltered nature of blogs.” Now there’s a surprise.