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By B.L. Ochman

o Hype my Hangout Tool – Learn how you can make a 15-second video in about a minute to hype your Google+ hangout. No charge.

o Luggage Cart with built-in scooter Me want!

o Visualization of 50 years of Rolling Stones tours done by CartoDB is a product of Vizzuality, a data visualization consulting company, “We scraped the Stones’ tour data from Wikipedia, and then imported it into CartoDB 2.0. After that we mixed in Reveal.js, a pretty awesome library for making presentations in pure html, with CartoDB.js”

o How to do your Twitter header better – Cute video on how to make your Twitter page look great, shows how to do the header, background and page design.

o Friskies Games for Cats – new Catify Yourself app

o UGG fusing warmth and technology, UGG has ladies shearling and wool earmuffs with built-in headphones. They’re $85. Given how often I lose gloves and earmuffs, i won’t be getting these!

o Pudding Monsters New mobile game from ZeptoLab, makers of my favorite time waster, Cut the Rope. Coming Dec 20th. Can’t wait.