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Facebook is huge – 800 million members – but it’s far from the only social network in the world, as this Infographic from multi-talented and always-interesting Nick Sigler demonstrates.

I’ve been noticing, more and more, that blog posts, conference focus, and news coverage of social and emerging media is intensely US-centric, providing only a small part of the big picture.

I’m working at a multi-cultural organization, creating an online and mobile community that will reach millions of people in 52 countries, and that’s leading What’s Next Blog’s focus to one that’s more global. This infographic is a good place to begin.

Experian Hitwise just published an international study on how much time people spend on social media. Among the findings: while Brazilians spend more time on social networks (18.9% of Internet usage) than people in Singapore, Singaporeans spend nearly twice as much time per session on Facebook (38 mins 46 sec per session) than Brazilians, who spend 43% of all their social networking visits on Orkut, the most visited social network in Brazil.

via Mashable and Read Write Web

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