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hughlove.pngHere it is. Proof positive that the Beatles were right. Love really is all there is. Poor Hugh Macleod embarked on a road tour for Stormhoek Wine, hoping not only to promote the wine, but also to find himself a fair damsel to take away on a romantic weekend in London.
And he did. But he’s not her type. You see, she’s a Lesbian.
Watch the videos on Hugh’s site and you’ll hear his sad tale and be treated to one of the freshest, most clever, endearing and effective online marketing campaigns ever. Bravo!!!!
And, yes, there is scientific proof that love can make you crazy:
Helen Fisher, author of “The Anatomy of Love” and researcher into love’s impact on the brain, says,

“Everything that is going on in the brain, everything that happens with romantic love has a chemical basis.”

Pass the chemicals please.
And happy Valentine’s Day.