I'm B.L. Ochman, and I've been helping blue chip companies, agencies and associations incorporate new media into their marketing mix since 1996.

I'm a multi-media content creator, live-stream event and podcast producer, journalist, ghost writer, social strategist and producer of socially shareable videos.

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I co-host and produce the award-winning weekly Beyond Social Media Show

I contribute to Ad Age Digital Next, Social Media Today and others. On Twitter, I'm @whatsnext.

Vlogs Archives

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Women Against Sarah Palin Live Webcast
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Doodling Around With Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle and His Buds
ZeFrank is Back – Eat Your Heart Out Jay, Jon, Dave et al
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McDonald’s Comes a Long Way from Scary Clowns to (Unofficial) User-Generated Ads
Will The iPhone Blend?
10 Best Geeky Dance Videos
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Buns & Chou Chou, Robert Scoble and Andrew Keen Talk About Web Commodification
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Forget Parrots! Listen to These Talking Dogs
Experience Alien Abduction Just for the Fun of It
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Loren Feldman: Don’t Hold Back, Tell Us How You Really Feel
This Is ZeFrank’s Last Week of “The Show” :>(
Hugh Macleod Proves That Love Really Is All There Is
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Can Internet Talents Rescue TV Networks From Idiotic Reality Shows?
Frankie Manning Dance Class
The Fat Tail Theory
Chou Chou and Buns Film Tribute to Robert Scoble
Brian Williams Does Daily Video Blog on MSNBC
Rocketboom’s in the Groove With Casual Friday
Rocketboom 2.0 Launches Cautiously
Rocketboom: Still Not Ready to Roll With New Host
Ford Bold Moves Answers My Critique and Promises to Get Ballsy
Rocketboom Fires Amanda Congdon and Loses Its Voice
Coke/Mentos Videos: An Important Lesson for Every Brand
Promo for Canadian College of English Rocks
Rocketboom Takes on Scientology

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