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Blogging is very much top of mind for news broadcasters, who are losing sleep as their audience is being eroded because people don’t need to wait up for the 11 o’clock report anymore. In LostRemote Cory Bergman, Executive Producer at KING-TV in Seattle reports on a National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas where Sam Donaldson, Jeff Greenfield of CNN and Charles Osgood addressed several issues including blogging.
Greenfeld: “I have to get up an hour earlier than I used to. I can’t rely [on the New York times and traditional news sources alone.] I have to look at Instapundit
Greenfield also said he reads Slate’s Mickey Kaus, the Daily Koz on the left and Andrew Sullivan, who he called a “complicated, brilliant writer.”
The panel addressed the role bloggers take in media criticism…
Osgood: Blogging “makes us more aware. I can’t get up earlier. I already get up at 2:30 in the morning!” (laughs)
Donaldson: “I think [the evening network newscast] dead. The average age of [the evening network newscast audience]… is 60. The average age of Americans is 35.”
via Frank Barnako of MarketWatch