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By B.L. Ochman

With Google+ less than a month old, and Google still developing features, there already is a growing army of self-proclaimed experts on how to use Google+ to grow your business. Some offer free advice, some are charging for their advice. Even Google hasn’t figured out how to use Google+, which is why it is changing and evolving daily.

Just as there are an army of more than 16,000 self-proclaimed social media gurus, experts, ninjas, and superstars, we’re already seeing the growth of an equally large, and mostly vapid, cadre of self-proclaimed Google+ experts.

Everyone involved in emerging media marketing, sales, development, PR and community management needs to get involved in Google+ and kick the tires to understand how it works. We all need to help each other learn the best practices and most effective tools.

Impressions, thoughts, opinions about Google+? Absolutely, bring em on.

But jeez, it’s way too soon for anyone to be calling him/herself a Google+ expert, or to be running webinars about Google+ unless their names are Chris Messina or Matt Cutts. Down Sparky!

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