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Union Square Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm, founded in 1988, has turned its site into a blog.
In an explanation that describes the advantages of blogs in a nutshell, they said they thought about updating the thesis that was the heart of the site, but realized that since it is always evolving, the best thing to do is to “publish the conversation.” And the best way to do that, they say, is with a blog.
A blog is just a simple type of website software, with a built-in searchable database. Nothing mysterious or complicated about it. In the hands of a good designer, a company’s visual identity and branding can be integrated into the blog design. The advantage is easy updating, easy RSS integration, the ability to add video and audio.
Goodbye Website
Very few companies can benefit from a static website any longer. I am soon going to take mine down, incorporating the important parts (portfolio, articles, services) into this blog. That’s because nobody has time or interest in a thesis. We all want the just the facts, m’am.