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UPDATE: If you missed the webinar, you can get the recording plus bonus material here so you can learn why you can’t ignore Google+ unless you’re ready to have Google search to ignore you.

Are you one of the people who think Google+ is a failed social network that you can ignore? If you are, you’re dead wrong!

Google+ is now the second largest social network – right behind Facebook, and gaining – with 500 million members, 135 million of whom are active monthly.

Google+ is also the backbone of Google, the world’s largest and most respected search engine. It’s one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your expertise, build a community, manage your contacts, find content to share, and promote your business.

Equally importantly, Google+ is part of Google’s new search algorithm. In other words, you need to use it if you want better search placement. Google’s making us an offer we can’t refuse.

I’m doing a one-hour Google+ webinar, Why Google+ Matters to Your Business & How to Use it Wisely with step by step instructions, best practices, tips and tricks and examples of companies, authors and entrepreneurs who are using Google+ successfully. The webinar will be hosted by Joan Stewart of The Publicity Hound.

When: Thursday, May 9th, 2013
Time: 4PM Eastern
Click here to register for Why Google+ Matters to Your Business & How to Use it Wisely


I’m hooked on Google+, and I believe that participating in it, as an individual or a brand, is no longer an option. You want good search results? You need to use Google+.

I know, I know – who has time? How can you possibly add yet another social network to your day? It’s hard to understand. It’s complicated to use.

Listen up my friends: Google+ is as important an opportunity for marketing as blogging was in 1998; as Twitter was in 2007. Get in early and get in right. Join me for the Google+ webinar tomorrow, 4 PM EDT

Who should attend:

  • Business owners, nonprofits, or anyone who needs tips on how to rank higher in Google search.
  • Publicists and PR pros who need to know how to incorporate Google+ into PR campaigns.
  • Virtual assistants who help their clients with social media.
  • Authors, speakers and experts who want to establish their credibility within their niche.

You will learn:

  • How Google+ changes search optimization and how it affects your search placement.
  • Business Page or Personal Profile, or both?
  • How Google+ integrates seamlessly with YouTube, Gmail, Search and much more…sort of like a big jigsaw puzzle where everything is connected.
  • How to join Google+ communities.
  • Who to follow and how to find them so you’re reaching the right people.
  • 6 Best Practices for using Google+ so you don’t overlook opportunities that are right at your doorstep.
  • 6 brands that are making the most of Google+…when you see the clever things they’re doing, it will spark your own ideas!
  • Why Hangouts are the best part of Google+ and catching on like wildfire for all sorts of business uses.

  Click here to register for Why Google+ Matters to Your Business & How to Use it Wisely