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B.L. Ochman

This post originally appeared in Jurispage Blog

If you’re serious about online visibility, you need to pay attention to Google+ and the tools it provides. Many lawyers are already taking advantage of the tools provided by Google+ and they are gaining a competitive advantage as they all do now at the Phillips Law Offices. As if you looking for the best law firm near you Lawyer Source gives you a best choice.

While Facebook and Twitter content is not indexed in Google search, content created in Google+ and on YouTube – which is integrated into Google+ Hangouts – is not only indexed, it is prominently featured in search results.

Lawyers who populate their YouTube channels with videos created in Google+ events featuring Hangouts have a distinct search advantage. It is 50 times easier to reach page one of Google with a video than it is with a web page (Forrester) Google has an index just for videos and what matters is the metadata – the way the content is search optimized because Google can’t see what is in your video.

If you think Google search is important to your practice, you should be adding Google+ and especially Google+ Hangouts, to your comprehensive marketing plan.

Here are some lawyers you might want to follow and some G+ commununities you might want to explore:
• Tina Willis a practicing personal injury lawyer, with more than 10,000 followers, helps their clients with current fda recalls and runs Legally Speaking, G+ Hangout on Air Show

• Jeffrey Lapin is a personal injury lawyer in Nebraska who has more than 33K followers

• Kevin O’Keefe of LexBlog, legal marketing firm, is a long-time blogger who has 2,300 followers on Google+ where he mostly re-posts content from his blog.

• Personal injury attorney Michael Ehline has more than 18,000 followers and runs a Hangout show called Circle of Legal Trust

Gordon Firemark, intellectual property/entertainment lawyer, is using HOAs in a popular series of live broadcasts

• James Novak is an Arizona-based criminal defense lawyer with approximately 1,500 followers about whose “About”section features stellar reviews of his work. He posts to Google+ daily, and approximately 500 people actively share his content about legal matters. He is proof that what counts on Google+ is engagement and original content.

There are several active Google+ communities for lawyers including:

Lawyers on G+ Community – 6500+ members

National Trial Lawyers

Lawyers & Law 4300 members

There’s even a Legal Humor Community with nearly 1000 members where Damon Chetson recently share this one:

Google+ and Hangouts are great free tools that you can use in your practice to increase your exposure, boost your visibility in search results, and bring in more paying clients in the process. Learn more about Google+ and Hangouts for Lawyers by checking out our webinar on Hangouts for Attorneys on Wed, Aug 27 at 1:30 PM EDT.

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