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I’m launching a new blog this morning called Ethics Crisis . It’s about global business ethics. Please take a look.
Ethics Crisis allows readers to anonymously confess the most unethical thing they ever did in business and to rate other readers transgressions on a scale of one to five, ranging from “never acceptable” to “always acceptable.” C’mon, confess!
I am writing Ethics Crisis for SRF Global Translations, a 30 year-old family business which specializes in multilanguage translations and printing of corporate compliance materials, brochures, marketing and advertising materials for multinational companies. (Disclosure: I am a partner (with my brother and father) in SRF Global Translations.)
Ethics Crisis part of the evolution of blogging: a vehicle for the combination of marketing, industry news, customer-created content and e-commerce.
Ethics Crisis blog:
* Allows visitors to anonymously confess the most unethical things they have ever done in business.
* Lets readers rate the ethics confessions on a scale of one to five, from “always acceptable” to “never acceptable” and comment on why they chose that rating.
* Aggregates news about global business ethics and ethics compliance issues.
SRF Global Translations customers can use the Ethics Crisis blog to:
* request a quote,
* upload files for translation,
* obtain exact, localized, natural language translations of their corporate codes of ethics and other corporate compliance materials required under Sarbanes-Oxley,
* have unified multilanguage project management of marketing and advertising materials,
* make online payments for completed multilanguage translations
The confessions are already getting juicy!