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amanda_announcement.jpgAmanda Congdon, who last week signed a deal to develop a show for HBO, will be video blogging for ABC News, and “turning up occasionally” on Good Morning America and 20/20. You go Amanda!
With ZeFrank – who’s just as likely to compete in Olympic phone dancing in his living room as to give scathing political commentary — and Ask A Ninja – who’s hilariously odd, and just might be ZeFrank – featured in the New York Times Magazine on Sunday, it’s clear that Internet celebrities are the new MSM flavor of the month.
There are huge numbers of extremely talented people online, despite all the space detritus on YouTube et al, and I’m willing to bet that you’ll be seeing more of them on large and small screens soon.
As TV Networks swtich to an endless stream of idiotic “reality” (aka cheap to produce) shows, the Internet is replete with fresh talent, eager for a shot at a wider audience (aka cheap to produce.) So soon you’ll see online saving offline, if there’s really anything to save at this point.

Congdon will also be doing a weekly video blog on a la “kind of how I designed RB’s casual Fridays.”
ABC News benefits from the charming Congdon’s hipness factor, and HBO gets another shot at developing a star who’ll appeal to digital natives. And Congdon apparently also is free to pursue her own projects as well. Looks like she had a good lawyer doing her negotiation.
As I said, when Congdon got fired from Rocketboom, “…’m sure you’ll do great things. The only part I don’t get is why you’d wanna move to LA. Yecch.”