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By B.L. Ochman @whatsnext

Timed to the holiday season, Diageo has released a harrowing virtual reality experience that is definitely not fun. The video, called “Decisions,” follows three groups of young people whose stories converge in a tragic drunk-driving crash scene. And you’re along for the ride.

“These days, it’s easy for us to be desensitized to certain issues unless we live them out first hand. Our hope is that this will be truly jarring for people and will help inform responsible decision-making,” James Thompson, Diageo’s North American chief marketing and innovation officer..

The video is available on platforms including Facebook 360 and YouTube 360 as well as in a VR integration with The New York Times. It can be viewed on its own or by with headsets such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and the new Google Daydream.

It’s easy to assume that just because you are a cautious and careful driver, the other drivers around you on the road will be also. Assuming that another driver will stay in their lane, safely react to a road hazard, or wait to safely pull out onto a major roadway is a dangerous mistake. Other drivers on the road are often distracted, rushed, or drive aggressively. Looking ahead and keeping your eyes moving can help you anticipate the actions of other drivers and stay safe.

What is Defensive Driving?
Defensive driving is a set of driving skills and a style of driving that allows you to avoid collisions and defend yourself against irresponsible drivers, drunk drivers, and bad weather conditions. Defensive driving reduces the chance that you will be caught off guard by an unexpected hazard and increases your chance of reacting appropriately and avoiding an accident.

The Department of Motor Vehicles offers courses on how to be a defensive driver. These courses teach safe driving techniques, crash statistics, and the traffic laws of your state. Mississippi defensive driving courses can help you financially by reducing your fine should you receive a traffic violation and reducing your auto insurance payments.

How Can Defensive Driving Prevent a Car Crash?
Defensive driving helps you prevent a car crash because it takes away the element of surprise. Controlling your speed, maintaining a safe following distance, and avoiding distractions of your own, such as using a cell phone or eating, helps you be prepared to make necessary quick decisions. Respecting the other drivers around you helps you to anticipate their actions.

Bad weather can create dangerous and slippery roadways. Slowing your speed and looking ahead for debris or pools of water in the road can keep you from losing control and spinning off the road.

Drivers who are already mentally prepared for hazards will react properly and avoid a car crash. Drivers who blindly assume that nothing bad will happen are complacent, distracted, and likely to find themselves involved in a car accident that they could have possibly prevented. Read more about the best defensive driving course in new york.

Driving Under the Influence
Drunk driving causes thousands of crashes that happen in America every year. Drugs and alcohol impair your judgment and slow your reaction time. Defensive driving courses commonly cover driving under the influence (DUI) and how it poses tremendous risks to yourself and the drivers around you. Following a rule to never drink and drive is both lawful and responsible. Assuming that the drivers around you do not follow this rule is defensive driving.

Do fear tactics change behavior?

Debate continues over whether fear tactics actually impact behavior. Researchers have studied the effect of scare tactics on young adults and found mixed results. Some studies found that fear does influence behavior, did not however it is not something that you can legally claim at court according to Richard Harris personal injury lawyer who are experts on this mater.

But none of these stueeies have studied the impact of fear tactics via virtual reality. Hopefully, this heavy dose of reality will have an impact and will save lives. The car accident attorneys of The Angell Law Firm exclusively represent plaintiffs and have helped accident victims throughout Georgia recover money for their injuries.

With Google and Facebook committed to virtual reality, adoption is expected to climb. Deloitte Global predicts that virtual reality (VR) will have had its first billion dollar year in 2016, with about $700 million in hardware sales, and the remainder from content.
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