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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding , which uses powerful semantic search technology “that dynamically refreshes information as the video plays, providing up-to-date links to related articles, videos, and blogs.” The beta site, which is live now, is set for public launch in June.
If you are inspired by what you see at ViewChange, you can take action by donating to a cause or sending stories directly to mainstream media and policymakers.
This is the kind of media outlet I’ve always hoped someone would create, where positive results for problems are stressed instead of the gloom and doom of the old-fashioned mainstream media model.
Because it IS news when people help people; it IS news when small changes lead to big shifts that makes lives better.
What’s so interesting about this is that ViewChange.Org is creating a new model for media, one in which the editorial gatekeeper – the last bastion of MSM’s hold on news – is eliminated by technology that finds all related information, not just the most sensational stories.
I, for one, will wait hopefully to see the impact this new model has on how news is reported in mainstream media. With this type of technology, it appears we can kiss print goodbye because we’re in real-time now, baby.