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ivillage.pngAs interest the metaverse heats up, MarketingProfs is offering a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Metaverse: Second Life for Marketers tour on January 11, tour for marketers and ivillage is running bi-weekly Girls Night Outt events beginning this Thursday.
MarketingProfs promises:

“You will discover what the rise of Second Life — indeed, the trend toward 3D virtual worlds in general — means to you as both a marketer and a consumer. And you will learn what your company should think about before making a move into virtual world marketing.”

And Marc Schiller, CEO of digital brand strategy firm Electric Artists, which is launching the initiative in partnership with the Electric Sheep Company says the ivillage tours, led by Second Life members,

“will take in things like tutorials, music, interesting builds and many other subjects, and will also seek to “highlight the great women who are doing amazing things in Second Life.”