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How they did it – and how (why) your brand can too

In a Google+ Hangout on Air celebrating the release of “Interstellar,” and featuring the cast, Warner Brothers joined the growing list of iconic brands using the Hangout platform.

In addition to Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain,and astronomer Natalie Batalha, the Hangout had the added coolness factor of featuring several social media celebrities, including VSauce3, DJ Flula, Casey Neistat, Anna Akana, and What’s Trending’s Shira Lazar.

Interstellar HOA w Showcast

Interstellar-HOA ShowcaseThe event, broadcast live from The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, used four special tools that are part of Hangouts on Air and are designed for Hangouts with large audiences: Showcase, Q&A, Cameraman, and Applause.

Hangouts Apps added impact
The Showcase app makes the Hangout shoppable, and allows viewers to buy tickets, click to see videos, photos and more. The Q&A app allowed viewers to ask questions before and during the broadcast. Unlike the truly interactive Comment Tracker app, which I prefer, it does not allow questions to be featured in real-time.

The Cameraman app allowed the producers to hide the filmstrip until they wanted to bring in additional guests to interact with the three cast members.

And the Applause app – which I find to be just plain silly – lets viewers give thumbs up or down during the show. When they click one of the icons a cartoon figure pops up and the viewer hears a boo or applause. Really dumb, kinda like a 60s laugh track! Not sure what Google is thinking on that one!

Hangout Strategy for brands
Warner Brothers joined Tiffany’s, Cadbury, Toyota, Diane vonFurstengurg, NASA, The NY Times and many other iconic brands that are adding Hangouts to their digital strategy.

I can produce your Hangouts or teach you to produce your own
I will not kid you: there is definitely a learning curve. The good news: I can bring you up to speed quickly and produce your Hangouts from start to finish. All you have to do is show up and look smart. Or, I can teach you how to produce your own Hangouts. In either case, it’s time for you to learn how to use Google+ Hangouts on Air.

Call me: 917-566-5855 to set up a consult.

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