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“Many Advertisers Find Blogging Frontier Is Still Too Wild” says an article in today’s Wall St. Journal. The article quotes the usual suspects, Henry Copeland, Jason Calcanis and Nick Denton. It ignores blogs like MarketingVox and Adrants, which both sell out their ad inventory on a regular basis and which both are making healthy revenue from advertising according to their respective publishers, Tig Tillinghast and Steve Hall.
And then the writer, Jessica Mintz, finds someone to make this dim comment: “For now, many big companies are sitting on the sidelines. “We’re in a wait-and-see mode,” says Stuart Bogaty, senior partner and managing director of mOne Worldwide, a digital ad agency that is part of WPP Group. He thinks that companies will remain skittish until agencies can better monitor and control what individual bloggers are saying about them. On the other hand, that might undercut their renegade appeal. “If we were able to convince a blogger to do that,” he notes, “it would reduce the value of his blog in general.” DUH!
When blogs start letting advertisers control their content, they will be magically transformed into traditional media, which is losing readership at exponential rates.
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“Why aren’t more advertisers and bloggers getting together? Fear, ignorance and the knowledge that a lot of pioneers got shot.”