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coke_contest.jpgIf there’s a CMO on the planet who’s still saying “this social media stuff isn’t important to us”, here’s your wake-up call.
It’s been months since the Coke/Mentos video by Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz became an overnight sensation. Coke initially dissed the idea, saying that they wanted people to drink Coke, not play with it. Then they mounted a totally lame contest that was roundly ignored. And now they’re baaaaack — starring Grobe and Voltz — and running what is perhaps the coolest online contest to date.
The extraordinary thing is that Grobe and Voltz created the promo for the contest — not an ad agency. Two total unknowns hijacked the Coke brand and gave it back to them in better shape. Coke was stunned, but they saw the light.
Coke has partnered with Grobe and Voltz’ independent production company, That’s a sea change for advertising, corporate sponsorship, and creative expression.
I’m sure Coke’s lawyers tied themselves in knots over the company’s liability for people who hurt themselves doing stupid things while playing with Coke and Mentos. But they’ve worked it out, so let the fun begin.
Grobe and Voltz also are touring the country with Blue Man Group, who include their geysers in their performances, have been on Letterman, and have apparently quit their day jobs. Congratulations to them!
I can’t wait to see the Eepybird Island in Second Life. Wait for it….you know it’s coming.