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daytipper.pngWhile free advice abounds on the Internet, Daytipper has a better idea.
Originally launched as VitaminT, Daytipper, has been re-designed, re-thought, and re-launched. The site pays readers $3 for each useful tip editors select for display on a collaborative blog where other users rate the usefulness of the tips, a la Digg.
Nathan Preheim, one of Daytipper’s founders, asked me (among others, I’m sure) my opinion of the beta site back in October. I told him “I think your site would be a lot more interesting if there was a way for readers to rate the content and for the highest rated content to rise to the top as it does in DIGG, etc”
And voila! Last week, Preheim emailed “I couldn’t agree with you more. Something like this, perhaps?”
So far, 6,089 tips have been submitted and 561 published in categories ranging from cooking to technology. Daytipper blog includes some rejected tips, and follow the course of the startup’s operations. Look for more models based on paying for content as the year goes on.
In the technology tips was one about converting money sent to your PayPal account to a PayPal money market account at 5% instead of transferring to another bank account. I am going to do that now. Thanks Daytipper!