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During the 20th episode of the Beyond Social Media Show, my co-hosts Albert Maruggi, and David Erickson discuss what went right and what went wrong in new media last week, plus shiny new objects you need and stats you should know.

We covered what the Redskins are doing wrong in reputation management; a campaign to identify the best spots on the planet for a kiss; an unbelievably inappropriate response to a tragedy by guess who; whether Google has jumped the shark, and lots more. We discussed a really dumb news jacking by FOX News; Google’s service agreement changes; the misconceptions about Google’s new search algorithm update called Hummingbird; how to build your own Zombiemobile at the Hyundai Chop Shop, and lots more.

When you view the video, click on “About” and you can skip directly to the topics that interest you most. For example: Google Hummingbird Update [12:21] – when you click on the timestamp 12:21, you’ll go directly to the segment of the video that covers this topic.

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