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Dog_Shoots_Man.jpgFor the second time in two weeks, a dog has shot a man. Wooof. According to the Daily News, a veteran Croatian hunter is recovering after he was accidentally shot — by his dog.
Spaso Ivosevic had cleaned and loaded his double-barrelled shotgun last Wednesday, according to the Jutnarji List daily. His 2 year-old dog, Lero, chasing chickens through the yard, tripped over the gun. It hit the ground and fired, showering the hunter with pellets and fracturing his leg. Wooooof.
And on September 9, deputies say a man in Pensacola, Florida, who was trying to shoot seven puppies was shot by one of the dogs.
The man was holding two of the shepherd-mix puppies when one of them wiggled and put its paw on the trigger of the man’s .38-caliber revolver, making it discharge.
Is it a movement amongst dogs? My dog Sam says it is. You decide.