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Sammy-lion.jpgDifficult economy? What difficult economy? You’d never know it from what dogs and cats are eating. And now they’ll have Newman’s Own Organic Dog Food at $39.95 for a 25-pound bag, according to USA Today
Oddly, there is no Newman’s Own Dogfood Website, blog, or other online marketing effort. Another missed opportunity! The topic of pet nutrition cries out for a blog where holistic vets could answer nutrition questions from customers.
At $14 million in sales last year, organic pet food remains a tiny fraction � 0.09% � of domestic pet food sales of nearly $15 billion. And the U.S. Department of Agriculture is still tailoring guidelines for organic dog food.
That hasn’t stopped the lucrative category from pushing its way onto shelves at top natural foods retailers, including Whole Foods and Wild Oats stores.
My dog, Sammy, who will be 12 in August, has always eaten organic dog food, along with fresh vegetables and fruit and homeopathic supplements, on the advice of our homeopathic vet, Dr. Jill Elliot. She says his food, and the fact that we don’t vaccinate him, has a lot to do with his good condition.
“People want their pets to eat as well as they do,” says Nell Newman, co-founder of Newman’s Own Organics and daughter of actor Paul Newman. She grew up with five dogs and six cats.
“When I was a kid, pets died of old age,” says Newman. Now, she says, “They’re dying of tumors,” and she thinks food plays a role.
Paul Newman has pledged $100,000 to animal charities including North Shore Animal League and The Elephant Sanctuary.