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mark_green.jpgBy B.L. Ochman Mark Green, New York attorney general hopeful, has launched MG-TV: Mark Green for Attorney General on You Tube in an effort to woo social media-savvy voters. The segments are produced by his 22 year-old son, Jonah Green.
I’m impressed at this effort to connect and so here’s some advice:
– immnediately take out blog ads to point people to the hard-to-find You Tube site.
– You can’t depend on press releases any more Mr. Green.
– Ratings are disabled on the videos. But if you want to have a real conversation, you need to keep ratings open.
– And where’s your MySpace page? Al Gore’s light years ahead on that score.
– Direct people to a micro-site where they can download petitions on your behalf and get more information about how to join your team
While I wouldn’t want to judge his more than 20-year record on a three-minute chance encounter, Green wasn’t particularly accessible when I met him at the Union Square Green Market a few Saturdays ago. He doesn’t seem to have the gift of making the person he’s talking to feel ike they are his only focus. I got the feeling that Green was more interested in whether I, as a blogger, could do something for him than whether he could do something about the question I asked.
Among the videos now posted on the site are Comedy Night, where Green did standup at Caroline’s Comedy Club. He says:

“When George Bush took an oath to execute the law, he took it literally.”

Green says candidates should be accessible and that’s why he’s doing MGTV. He needs to collect 15,000 signatures by Thursday, July 13 to challenge Andrew Cuomo on the Democratic primary in September.