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socialbookmark.jpgMichael Pick at Robin Good blog has done an exhaustive post explaining why social bookmarking, aka tagging is fast becoming the best way to find information that you really want without the 5,843,902 results you’ll get from a search on Google et al.

“Social bookmarking brings to the equation something that search engines can’t compete with – the human touch. Just as the internet has millions of pages, so it also has millions of users, and if even a fraction of those users share the sites they’ve found interesting, useful or just plain bizarre with each other, there is suddenly a vast resource for anyone searching the web to tap into.”

This also was the reasoning behind early web directories like DMOZ, which is run by human editors who look at each page before it is listed. The difference in social bookmarking is that instead of information being decided upon by editors, it’s a collaboration of millions of users.
Will social bookmarking be taken over by “power users” like those who pump up their favored stories to the top of DIGG? Probably, but not immediately, so learn it and use it while it’s hot.