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sun_sentinel_logo.jpgTechnorati’s David Sifry and I are interviewed in The Business of Blogging”, a Florida Sun-Sentinel article by Robyn A. Friedman, about which adds to the chorus of mainstream media acknowledging that “blogs aren’t just wildly popular; they’re big business as well.”
Factors Friedman notes are driving the boom:
– increased penetration of broadband
– media attention to blogs spurred consumer interest
– consumers want to personalize the Internet
– businesses have jumped on the “blog bandwagon”
Actually, I think consumer interest spurred mainstream media coverage. Millions of blogs were already being published, and many were gaining in authority over the past three years, but MSM, like the Sun, only began to take blogs seriously in the past six months.
Sifry and I agree that blogs are a long-term trend, not a fad, but the exponential growth can’t continue. There are only so many people on the planet.

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