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By B.L. Ochman

In a political season where not much seems to make sense, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are battling for social media supremacy – and it gets pretty silly sometimes.


In what clearly had to be an attack of the PR interns: Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush had a Photoshop war on Twitter. It started with Hillary talking about issues and quickly devolved.

But, hey, at least THEY were discussing issues, unlike the leading Republican clown, er, I mean candidate.

Hillary’s team Tweeted:

And Jeb’s team responded:

But they’re not done!

My favorite response:

Trying too hard to be hip

And then there was Hillary trying too hard to be hip when she asked her followers to tell her on Twitter, in 3 emojis, what they think of her student debt proopsal. As Issie Lapowsky pointed out in Wired, that didn’t go so well.