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rudyg.pngHard to imagine, but apparently, the Rudy Giuliani for President campaign isn’t very Internet savvy.
A few days ago, typing — a common misspelling of his name — took you to a site that re-directed you to a YouTube video of Giuliani in drag from a gag clip made at a 2000 press roast dinner. In it, he’s smooching Donald Trump. Yecch.
At the moment, visitors are re-directed to the candidate’s real site. But in previous days, according to The Daily News, the site re-directed visitors to John Edwards’ site and also to one with the sordid details of his divorce from Donna Hanover.
The rascal behind it all is a 16 year-old who registered the URL a year ago. “It’s kind of ironic that the Giuliani people never thought of it,” he said.
So now what happened? Did somebody pay the kid off? Mr. Mayor??
The Giuliani campaign bozos are not alone. Plenty of corporations still don’t buy misspellings of their own names, their exec’s names, their company names. Do you own your name?