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Ad agency hype word of the moment – “hilarious” – rears its head in an email pitch from Cornerstone, whose own home page is a disaster. They’re the agency promoting the new HBO animated series, “The Life and Times of Tim”, premiering September 28th.
Just yesterday, the agency for OfficeMax called its videos for the new Penny Pranks Campaign “hilarious.” And today, in comments on my post about Penny Pranks, someone from that agency defended the use of the word as an SEO technique. Umm, nope, that won’t help.
The “Tim” series is created by Steve Dildarian – the Clio-winning ad man behind Budweiser’s ‘Lizards’ campaign. It follows an everyday working guy from one awkward moment in his life to the next. The preview videos don’t seem exactly hilarious, but it does look like Tim might be good, snarky fun.