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Chicken_fight.bmpBurger King has followed up its wildly successful Subservient Chicken campaign with a bizarre attempt at feather humor.
Ad Age calls it “A Truly Peculiar Branded Entertainment Project,” and that’s putting it lightly. (See the Burger King Chicken Fight promos and the 12-minute video here.
There are so many ways the Subservient Chicken could be used by Burger King — sitcoms, cooking lessons, games, events, to name a few. Boxing is just too narrow in its appeal to win a broad base of customers.
Women, particularly soccer moms with SUVs full of hungry suburban kiddies, health conscious people of either sex, and most of the rest of the world may just write Burger King off as too freaking weird after this.
If Burger King’s audience were boxing fans — largely blue collar and middle-age male — then the World Championship chicken fight could sell a lot of sandwiches.
To be complete, the fight campaign needs a blog. It could detail the training of the chickens, the reactions of media, fans and the chicken boxing league to the dirty fight. But I don’t expect that boxing fans are into blogs. And even with a blog, the campaign would still be lame.
Subservient Chicken was clever, funny, fun and even upbeat. This is jut plain weird.