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Any time I get too immersed in the new media space, I can be brought down to earth with a quote like this one:
“Classical advertising is not as effective and efficient as it has been in the past,” said Javier Martin, who manages the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter brand at Unilever United States in Englewood Cliffs, NJ., “so we’re looking for more innovative ways to reach our consumers.”
Or this one from Stuart Elliot, New York Times Advertising columnist:
Marketers like Unilever, “dependent for decades on traditional selling outlets like television, newspapers and magazines, are turning to newer media to promote products — just like marketers that sell flashier goods.”
Clearly, a lot of big companies, and the journalists who cover them, are just waking up to the fact that, yes, Virginia, you can sell products online. But you need to do it in a new way. Oy vey.
Bloggers: you know that nagging feeling you sometimes get that you are talking to yourself and to the people who are already into what you’re writing about? What if it’s true? We’ve got a long way to go baby.