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SJP_GAP.jpgThe Gap, which has focused a massive multi-media campaign on Sarah Jessica Parker, is asking visitors to its How Do You Wear It? site to upload their photos of themselves in Gap clothes.
The public will vote on September 20 and the people who get the most votes in their categories “could win a $500 Gap GiftCard and a chance to win our grand prize, a guest appearance on the Sony Pictures Television syndicated TV program called “Life & Style.”
The idea seems to be based on Hot or Not, which got 1.8 million hits a day when it was launched in 2000 by a couple of unemployed geeks who programmed the site in their basement.
Parker’s also featured in Turner Broadcastng’s Blogads campaign for its “Sex in the City” re-broadcasts. The really good news is that Turner has picked up on the value of blog advertising.
The TBS ads lead to a kinda lame “Vote Carrie” fake blog in which Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) reveals her ” plan for this nation — from the downtrodden masses to the wealthy elite, she intends to give the people fun, fashion and the right to be fabulous, one closet, one wardrobe, one person at a time!”