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Posted by B.L. Ochman

Proving that execs at big companies, and their agencies, don’t monitor what’s being said online over the weekend, Chevy left thousands of anti-Chevy consumer-made ads on the Chevy Apprentice make-your-own-commercial site this weekend.

As fast as Chevy took many of them down today, the best ones has already gone viral and are now preserved on CNET as well as on scores of blogs, and hundreds are listed on YouTube. To Chevy’s credit, some negative ads are still on the site, but some of the juciest are long gone.

The Chevy Tahoe contest rules say any attempt to “undermine the legitimate operation of the contest may be a violation of criminal and civil laws.” Won’t it be a pisser when Chevy starts sending out cease and desist letter to thousands of bloggers!

Dear Chevy: Gas mileage, the environment, and big cars are not exactly a new issue. Hell, I got 32 miles per gallon on a 1967 Toyota Corolla!

What did you think the public would do, given the chance? Was this what you had in mind?

at chevrolet, we’re in the business of creating unrealistic fantasties.
-We’re not going to tell you about the low gas mileage, or the lousy safety record…
– killing thousands of smaller car drivers, cyclists and pediastrians annually