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nailcrossnecklace.jpgAnd so begins the opportunistic commercialization of the Gibson movie as Wilmore, KY-based Kit Cat Clock and Collectible, home of “Headlettuce” offers “Rare Unisex Style Christian or Gothic” Nail Cross Necklace. Retails for $19.99 but on special for a mere $4.99. It will help, the site promises, in “Knowing the Passion of Christ.”
Apparently headluttuce was so overwhelmed with commercial potential they were too breathless to fill in a description of what the meaning is, simply saying, “This cross is with meaning & symbolic.”
“The 3 nails represent the nails used to crucify JESUS and the rings used to bind the cross together symbolize the 7 deadly sins,” they tell us, adding that “It is thought to clean the blood.” And if you’re not sold yet, here’s the kicker: “This is a great necklace for guys and girls to dress up almost any outfit.”
Hey, why should Mel Gibson be the only one making a gazillion dollars exploiting the movie?