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palm.jpgAny time any element of an ad distracts from the product, or the ad is so clever that what you remember is the cleverness and not the brand name, you have a failure on your hands.
Either the hand in this ad is a man with long nails (eww) or it’s the Man Hand that freaked out Jerry on Seinfeld.
That’s why I’m filing this Palm ad under ewwww! creepy!

man_hands.pngI used to date an actor who also was a hand model. People who model their hands make a lot of money for keeping their hands perfectly still for hours on end, often while laying on their stomachs with a hand dangling over an edge.
Rule One for hand models is to be incredibly well-groomed and rather nondescript. If this weird hand is meant as an attention getter, it’s the wrong kind. It got my attention allright, to the hand, rather than the Palm. And the nails were such a turnoff that I immediately lost interest in what it was holding.
Posted by B.L. Ochman, all rights reserved.