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tacobell.pngGizmoz has launched a contest for Taco Bell seeking user generated ads that will have a chance be shown on the TV broadcast of the 2007 M.T.V Video Music Awards.
Gizmoz’ software lets you make an avatar from a photo. How many people do you think will try to make avatars from pictures of rats?
And what will Taco Bell do? Refuse to show those? How long til they start showing up in YouTube, where the best ones are sure to go viral? Dear Taco Bell: remember Chevy Tahoe’s ad campaign?
Back in February, rats the size of the Taco Bell Chihuahua starred in a widely circulated video. Sure Taco Bell will keep advertising and promoting themselves. They have to, in order to survive.
But before they open themselves to Internet scrutiny and user generated content, they need to tell us how they made sure that rat problem was fixed, and what steps they’ve taken to raise their cleanliness standards in franchise stores.
Remember the Chevy Tahoe contest for user generated ads? The commercials people made were far from complimentary to Chevy and you can bet there’ll be more parodies in the ads for Taco Bell, and more rat avatars on YouTube than Taco Bell can shake a rat trap at.
Posted by B.L. Ochman