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Snapple_Lady.jpgTaj Mahal was right, Big legged women are back in style again. Both Snapple Lady Wendy and Kirsty Alley are the focus of ad campaigns breaking in January 2005.
Snapple Beverage Corp. is bringing back generously built Wendy Kaufman, better known as The Snapple Lady. In the early 90s, Kaufman, then a Snapple employee, was featured in commercials reading letters from consumers in her thick, Long Island accent.
“Fat Actress” star Kirstie Alley has signed a deal to appear in ads for the Jenny Craig weight-management program. The TV commercials will begin airing in the US on January 10. Alley will blog about her dieting experience at jenny as she tries to shed more than 50 pounds.
“I had a great time getting fat and now I’m going to have an even greater time losing weight,” Alley, 53, said. Jenny Craig estimates that Alley should be able to shed all the weight by March. I’ll believe that when I see it.