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Wal-Mart_Nazi _Ad.jpgWal-mart ran an ad in the Arizona Sun on Friday using an image of Nazi book burning to encourage people in Flafstaff to vote against Proposition 100 which seeks to limit Wal-mart expansion. Wal-mart says it will run another ad apologizing for a major mistake, but its ad agency is making the situation much worse with its totally insensitive comments.
“We wanted people to think about the freedoms we enjoy in America. The intent was wholly honorable and good,” said Chuck Coughlin, president of Highground Inc., a Phoenix consulting company that created the advertisement. “We will not back away from substance of the ads . . . People make mistakes. They move on,” he said. Yeah, but first, Mr. Public Relations Disaster, they apologize.
At issue is a proposed zoning change that would limit large stores that sell groceries and that would effectively prevent a Flagstaff Wal-Mart from adding a grocery store.