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Yesterday, Matthew Oliphant of Business Logs saw my post on HolloweenM3, Mazda’s big fat fake blog mistake and clicked on the link where it was earlier in the day.
“…but it was gone,” Oliphant writes. “Gone as in it doesn’t exist anymore. There are no previous pages showing. Nothing. I couldn’t even find a Google cache of the site. This is probably the quickest I have seen the blogosphere impact a corporate blog ever. Hopefully Mazda has learned its lesson and will not make the same mistake again. You can follow glenoriegrowers for more updates.
Corporations who view blogs as marketing gimmicks will quickly find that they are wasting both their time and money with them because the blogosphere does not tolerate this kind of behavior. The market has spoken and Mazda has done nothing but lower its reputation and waste money by trying to exploit a medium that they don’t understand. Bravo.”
I guess we should give Mazda credit for reading blogs, noting that bloggers thought the idea sucked, and pulling their blog before scores more bloggers criticized their lame campaign.
Maybe their agency was looking at blogs as a new, fast, cheap kind of focus group. But fake anything will be outed and it makes you wonder what else the company says that’s fake. Like what a great car they make???