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BK_Chicken_2.jpgWhy did the chicken cross the road? Because 47 million people told it to.
Within a week, Burger King’s Subservient Chicken viral marketing campaign had netted 47 million visitors. Media all over the world told their audiences about the site; bloggers and chat rooms buzzed with tasks the chicken wouldn’t perform. Then the PR agency layed an egg.
Like some dumbassed Mother Hen, the PR firm is meddling in a successful campaign. It’s proof positive that PR firms still don’t get the Internet.
The point of the viral campaign is to get people talking about Burger King. International media and the blogosphere already is doing that. The brand has grabbed share of mind. The door is open for a product launch.
The PR firm doesn’t need to push the Website. This would be a great time for a national tour by the chicken. Or a win a date with the chicken contest. But not for some bullshit, cutesy headline press release about whether or not the chicken boy and the company are related.
Here’s the headline of the insipid release sent out on PR Newswire on April 15 by Burger King:
No Word From Subservient Chicken on Relationship With Burger King Corporation, but That Could Be Because Subservient Chicken Can’t Speak; also Mum; However, 46 Million Hits (and Counting) to Site Say Something
What the hell does that mean? The press release gives no clue. Why would anyone want to ruin such a great viral marketing campaign with such a stupid press release? It’s simple: the PR firm is clueless.
And then it goes on for another 568 words….