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iphonepix.pngFake Steve Jobs on the iPhone:

“At this point even I’m sick of the iPhone, and I invented the friggin thing
Honestly. I mean it’s great. I’ve been using one for months. It does all the stuff it’s supposed to do. I love it. But come on people. It won’t cure cancer or regrow your hair or make you lose weight. For that you’ll need Linux, from what I’m told. It’s just a phone. You make calls, you can listen to music, you can do some Web surfing. And if you use a Mac it will integrate really well with your computer. And that’s it. I’m sorry I ever said that line about reinventing the phone.”

Me: I’ll wait for iPhone 2.0 or 3.0 because I remember how much nicer my second generation iPod is than the clunky (by comparison) first one was. Phone lust is good.
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