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“Look like a girl. Think like a MAN” graphic: Spurs Outrage on Twitter and beyond

Bic Pens, no stranger to offending women, has done it again. This time, Bic offended women on Women’s Day.

Happily, a Tweeter named Harmony fixed it.


Bic Pens apologized on Facebook, twice. The first time they said they thought they were “empowering” women. Then they deleted that comment. But, of course, what goes online stays online:


Dear Bic Pens: you really must stop writing.

Bonus Link: ‘BIC for Her’ pen is lambasted as hundreds of women hijack Amazon reviews
That time, hundreds of women, and a few intrepid men, had a wonderful time lambasting Bic Pens on for their “thin barrel designed to fit a women’s hand” and “an elegant and unique feminine style.”

HT/Karma Martell